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  1. Hi thanks for you video, I am a little confused you mentioned in the video and in the above article
    the below the Marker Light
    “we can grab T-Tap connector to connect the orange wire to our marker light. That way when we turn the lights on the driving lights will dim. If you were using these driving lights as fog lights don’t connect the orange wire that way the lights will stay bright all the time.”

    The video didn’t show or explain where the connection to and what is the marker lights.

    I have a 2010 Forester, the rest of your video explained clearly what I had to do, as I said above am a little confused

    Chris C

    • Your welcome, If you don’t connect the orange wire the driving lights will stay bright all the time. When that orange wire sees 12volts it will dim the driving lights. The marker lights are the small lights inside the headlights. If you turn your headlight stalk/ switch one click with the key in the “ON” position and look inside the headlight the lights that are on are the marker lights. I didn’t show it in the video because every car will be a different color wire and be in a different location within the headlight. ( some on the outside corner and some on the inside ) Hope this helps to clarify what you need to do. Thanks for watching.

  2. Hello, just watched your video of the Daylight 8 DRL install on the subaru.

    Just wondering if you’ve had or noticed any issues with the light flashing. An amazon review showed an example of this type of problem, it indicates they also contacted Phillips and were told it may be a voltage issue as it is manufactured in Europe.

    I’m planning on installing ONE light on the back of a motorcycle for increased visibility- particularly sitting at a traffic light. Do you see installing only one as an issue, as well I will tap it into the parking light as it has lowballs already running as DRL.

    Any feedback or info is greatly appreciated.


    • Hello, Sorry for the late reply. I have installed a few of these and haven’t had any of them flash. I did have someone with an LED light bar that there battery was on its way out and the light bar pulsed/ strobed. Installed a new battery and it was good to go. I don’t think you will have a problem with installing just one but I have never just installed just one light. Good Luck, Let me know if it works out.

  3. Just seen your video, how hard would it be install daytime running lights on a 2009 renualt Clio 2009? Is it kinda the same steps?

    Thanks in advance

    • The kit I used is a decent one and is universal and can be installed on any car. So it will be the same steps just different locations. Good luck with the install.

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