8 comments on “How To Re-Drill Your 4X140 Subaru Hubs To 6X5.5

  1. This is fantastic. I have an 89 DL and a 90 Loyale that I am working with. My goal is something like the 87 you have posted in this article. The method you give here is great for me as I have a complete second set from the donor vehicle to work with. Thanks for the info.

    • Awesome glad to hear. Hope all goes smooth with getting them drilled out. Running a 15 or 16″ rim will give you so many more tire choices. Your welcome. When I get a little free time I am going to be starting a new page on our website that will have some text/ pictures and some videos of building the lifted 87 Subaru GL.

      • Hey DIYguy, great tutorial. Curious though, do you not have any clearance issues on the front of the lifted 87 GL? It almost looks like the front wheel could hit the fenders if suspension bottomed out.

        • Hello, So far I don’t have a problem with the tire hitting the fender. I have swapped the front hatchback springs to a set of wagon springs as they are a bit stiffer. There are also bolts at the bottom that you can tighten to make the spring stiffer.

  2. First I just wanted to say Thank You for a great video and for figuring this problem out! This is by far the best solution and fix to get away from the 4x140mm wheels. In your build thread you said they are Toyota rims but what width and backset worked? What year and model of Toyota? Thanks Again!

  3. I came across this video on youtube in 2014 as I was looking for solutions for my wagon. Its so far the best, easiest, “cheapest solution to sort the Subaru rims issue other than doing a hub conversion..

    Thanks alot “The DIY Guy”.

    Heres what I did in 2014.

    • Hi Jay,
      Where did you get the mouldings on the bottom of the rear door (the black plastic on the door connected to the fender – circled in red on the attached photo)
      Please let me know where to get them. Thanks

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