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    • Adjust or replace the neutral safety switch. This code will only be on Subaru’s with a manual transmission as the neutral safety switch is used to tell the car if your in gear or in neutral.

  1. My car has de p1507 code. No check engine light. Gas mileace right now is weird. I have already changed the parts in the picture and the idle sensor. Ill try the last one you guys explained. Where can I get it?

    • Here are a few things to try that won’t cost you anything. Spray/ clean the throttle plate on the inside, Check the plug end on the IAC valve for corrosion and that it is in tight, Other things that can cause an issue would be: intake leak, (Check the entire intake system for leaks) Throttle cable could be to too tight not allowing the throttle plate close.(check the throttle cable and the cruise cable) If your car is a standard shift it could the neutral safety switch like on this car in the video. If its a 4eat [auto] the inhibitor switch being out of adjustment, dirty or defective could cause it also. If your asking where you can pick up a new neutral safety switch we have a link to one in the first paragraph on our website. You should also be able to get one from your local parts store. Hope this helps and thanks for watching.

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