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  1. Thank you very much for posting your headlamp replacement video. The step by step explaination really made the driver’s side job much less daunting a task. As we all know manufacture’s have crammed a great deal of equipment intro very small spaces. My theory is this is often to dissuade the faint of heart from attempting to DIY. By the way for those of us looking to merely do a halogen bulb swap; Advance Auto Parts sells a low beam (H-7) (SKU #7 62164 20726 7) replacement bulb sold under the name “Tough One” for $4.49. The bulb is boxed with a convenient Styrofoam sleeve to avoid oil transfer from finger tip to the bulb! Quite ingenious; just sayin’.

  2. Unfortunately, in the 2013 Legacy, they have moved the Low Beam lights up and back in the fender and it is now necessary to remove the fender lining just to replace the bulbs. So far, I can’t find instructions to remove the liners.

    • You are correct to replace the low beam on a newer Legacy/ Outback you will need to turn the wheel to the opposite side of where you need to replace the bulb OR put the car on a flat surface, jack it up and remove the tire on the side your replacing. You will need to remove the push pin clip on the bottom on the bumper near the wheel well and then the clip where the bumper and the fender meet on the edge of the wheel well. A flat screwdriver & Needle nose pliers work well. With those clips remove you should be able to pop the liner loose and move it out of the way. Then you will need to reach up and remove the grey plastic cover and then replace bulb. I need to borrow someones newer legacy/ outback so I can do a video on it as a lot of people ask about it.

  3. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for and could only have been better if it referred to me by name.

    I was dreading that I would need to bring my car to a mechanic, but a trip to the auto parts store and about 20 minutes of labor and I can drive at night again.


  4. I’m at the step called “give it a little wiggle and it should pop off.” Nope. There is no wiggle and no popping off. Now what?? Is there a tool for this? I can’t get the headlight cover off. I have weak hands, so what you think is easy is impossible for me.

    • I’m guessing your talking about removing the high beam bulb. Just be sure to turn it enough so the tabs can come out though the holes. Wiggle it a bit as you pull out and it should slide out. It may take a few tries and some patience. Just got your new message.. Glad to hear you got it out. Sometimes you get one that is a little more difficult to remove or put back together. Thanks for watching and I hope you get the other bulbs replaced with ease.

  5. Got it. That was hard!! Thanks for posting, but it’s not easy and all the pieces don’t come off and go back on just like in the video!

  6. About to upgrade headlights on my wife’s ’05 Outback and this excellent video will save at least an hour in the overall scheme of things, or I miss my guess! Thank you!

  7. The video together with the full transcript are really helpful. Thank you. Would you please share a video or list of steps to replace front turn signal light bulbs for impreza 2010?

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