5 comments on “How To Remove A 05-09 Subaru Legacy/ Forester /Outback Radio And Install a IEC AULOC Or An Adjustable Line Output Converter

  1. Hi there. I followed how you connected tge wires. Why is it amp turns off when in cd aux. Only works in fm. Thanks.

    • Hello, Its because its hook to the power antenna wire. So when it is on radio (ie Fm or AM the power antenna wire has power to keep the antenna up. When its switch to CD it stops power. So you will want to move the remote wire to a “ignition switched wire” a wire that has power only when the ignition switch is on.

      • I see. So by doing this, are you referring to the “Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire (Yellow/Red)? If I transfer the amplifier remote wire to this Yellow/Red wire, the amplifier turns on only when ignition switch is on and amplifier will remain on even if the radio/stock head unit is off. Am I right? thanks for the great help! 🙂

  2. Hi there i was wondering if you could help me get the wiring diagram for a 2010 subaru legacy. Thanks

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