3 comments on “Installing Your New Timing Belt On A Non-Turbo 2.5L Twin Cam Subaru motor.

  1. I have a few questions about timing a 1998 subaru forester like the one you timed in this video…. you said that the passenger side cam’s are in free play…. does that mean that you can turn both the top one and the bottom one freely with your hand over and over… there is no load at all on them no matter how much you turn them?

    One more question the belt slipped not while driving but by starting it up and setting in the parking lot what is the chances of the engine being messed up cause of the timing belt slipping? if you could i would appreciate it if you emailed me and let me know..

    it also was cranked over and over trying to start it after the belt slipped, not realizing that was the problem of course at the time it happen.

    a friend put the old timing belt back on and it started but at first it would make a funny noise when trying to start it not sure how to descripe it something like the sound a starter would make if not engaging the flywheel correctly…

    but it does that each time now. and the engine shakes really bad… so would like to know your thoughts on those questions … thank you

    • That is correct the passenger side cams are not loaded when there close to the timing marks. You will not be able to turn around freely. The twin cam motors are an interference motor meaning the valves can hit each other or the piston causing them to bend. So its hard to stay because I am sure you don’t know how many teeth the belt was off. 1-2 teeth it might not have bent anything. Judging but what your saying with the engine shaking while running it probably bent some valves. Do you now have a check engine light? Might be a cylinder misfire code. You can do a compression test of each cylinder to see if one has some bent valves as it will not hold pressure or do a smoke test and see if it comes out the intake (if an intake valve is bent) or the exhaust (if the exhaust valve is bent) Hope this helps you.

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