6 comments on “How To Replace A Symmons Shower/Tub Spindle and Diverter

  1. Hi,
    I can’t recognize the 4-way wrench you used in the symmons shower rebuild. Where can I get one ? thanks
    By the way, the video is superb !

    • Hello, The 4-way wrench is made by “Raven tool inc” or at least that is what the logo on the side says. I have yet to find another one.. As I would like to have a replacement for this one when it wears out but I got this one out of my grandfathers plumbing tools. They do sell them separately.. Thank you.

  2. DIYguy,
    Ever heard of this? I have a Symmons Tempetrol shower faucet. It puts out hot water to the shower for about 5 minutes, then it start to cool off dramatically. However, if I turn on the hot water in the sink in my bathroom, the shower stays warm forever and the water coming out of the sink is dead cold. I’m thinking there’s a problem with the shower valve, but don’t really know.
    Any suggestions?
    By the way, this seems to happen with the other shower in the house as well.

    • Hello. The Symmons shower valve spindle is a pressure balancing valve. Meaning it balances the hot and cold water to be even. When the spindle goes bad it will either just have hot or cold water come out or do what you say start off with great hot water and then taper off to warm then cooler water. I would start by replacing the spindle but why it have it apart you might as well replace the diverter.

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