2 comments on “How To Remove, Clean, lubricate And Reinstall An Exhaust Fan On A Pellet Stove

  1. Very good video. How do get behind the center pot? There is no ash trap door to access that area. Are you local to Massachusetts for hire to look at stove?

    • Hello, Sorry I am not near Mass. I assume your you are talking about the inside of the stove. You are correct there is no access door behind the center ash tray. I will clean that area when I have the stove outside and used compressed air. While the stove is inside my shop vac end is small enough to go into the outside ash tray access hole and vac them out. If there is a big enough amount or has never been cleaned you could try taking air in a can and blow it into one access hole while putting your shop vac into the other side and blow it towards the shop vac and then switch sides that should remove a good amount.

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