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  1. I saw you video on trip lever repair and it was very good. What do you do if the weight has rusted off and fallen down? How do you get it out?
    Thank you for ANY information on this

  2. Hi,

    My stopper rusted off and I see where you listed removing the trap. Is there any way to fish it out from the overflow or from the drain its self? I have a tub full of water and removing the trap if I can get to it would be a mess.

    Also, when try the link listed in your reply to Sandy, isn’t working for me. When I click on it I get an error “You do not have permission to view drafts” message.

    Thanks for you help!

    • Hello Nora,

      Can you use a set of long handled needle nose pliers and grab the linkage? Or did the barrel fall of the linkage? If it was working and the stopper is not stuck you could try and take a metal coat hanger and make a tight hook at the end of it and try and hook the barrel and pull it though the overflow. You could pump the water out and then remove the trap or remove the trap and push the barrel up slowly and catch the water in 5gallon buckets. The link was just back to the website for the Updated part at the bottom.


  3. The hardware in my tub is really old. I can pull out the mechanism most of the way, but there is a small brass nub sticking out from the hardware behind the plunger that is blocking it from being removed. There is no corresponding notch in the plunger, so twisting it doesn’t help. How do I remove the plunger without disassembling the entire tub? It doesn’t seem to be corroded and I wiped off the “gunk” on the plunger, but there isn’t enough clearance to raise the plunger more than about an inch.

    • Hello, If you can take a picture or two that way I can get a better idea of what your describing and what brand overflow you have. I made it so you can now add photos when you post a comment. Hopefully seeing a picture I can help you properly remove it. What was the original problem you were having?

  4. I have an old 1970 house with the tub sandwiched in between two closets. The tub would not drain, so I took off the stopper lever plate following your excellent video. When I tried to pull out the barrel, it came all the way to the top but cannot clear the outlet due to some cement type substance that was apparently put in at the time the tub was installed. I suppose I could take a chisel to get this out, but that is not my real question here. BTW, I also noticed the spring was corroded and broken making replacement mandatory of at least the top section.

    My real question is; Why is the tube still not draining when the barrel has been pulled all the way to the top? Is there still something else causing the drain stoppage? Hopefully I won’t have to access the trap as it is totally inaccessible short of blasting the whole tub out, as viewed through a door cut through the sheetrock in the closet on the fixture side.


    • Hello, Maybe someone added some kind of sealant to seal the overflow because the rubber gasket failed. There could still be something in there such as hair or sludge. Have you tried a strong drain opener or clog remover after removing the stopper? That might just do the trick.

  5. when i try to drain i cant keep the lever down without manually holding it down to drain >.< i took out and put the equipment back in a few times, whats causing the lever to not drain by itself when i try to flip it down?

  6. I installed a new trip lever for the bath tub, however when I flip the lever up, it doesnt stop the water. Any suggestions?

  7. Your video is very informative. I want to try PB Blaster technique because the plunger is stuck in the down position and I can’t budge it. I have WD-40 on hand and will have to order PB Blaster. Will WD-40 work? Thanks

    • WD-40 could work but since I have started to use the PB blaster I have never went back to using WD-40. It just works that much better for getting things to loosen up. Good luck with getting it free.

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