Building The House & Property Video’s

So we bought our new property in back in February of 2017. Then we recently sold our current house in June of 2017 and then began clearing the new property to build our new house. I will add more videos as I get time to edit and post them…


Some videos of clearing the house spot and driveway..



Once the house spot and driveway was cleared of the tree’s it was time to sort and pile the logs/ trees. Some would be loaded onto the trailer and taken to the mill the second video and some will be firewood.



Once we have sent all the mill wood out and stacked or piled up the fire wood it was now time to use a dozer and excavator and remove the stumps. Also started a fire to burn the brush. Here are a few time lapse ones of clear the spot for the house.




Once we got the stumps out of the way it was time to start laying some 2″ stone down to become the driveway.


Once we got seven loads of 2″ stone we made it to where the stream goes across the driveway. For that we used a 36″ steel covert to keep the water moving and then covered it with surge rock.



Once we had the culvert covered we decided to let it settle in for a few weeks with us driving over it before we covered it over with 2″ stone. So next we moved onto digging the foundation hole.









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