2 comments on “How To Fix A Leaking Water Hydrant

  1. Hello! I just watched your video how to change the oil burner oil filter.

    Before I undertake this task I was wondering if you could answer a question first.

    Would the clogged filter cause my burner to not warm the house? Bath water is very hot but house not gettin g warm. Currently 57 in house.
    Radiators warm and burner running occasionally.

    • A clogged oil filter would only cause that if the burner doesn’t lite or stay lit. Does the boiler get up to temp? If the boiler is up to temp I would bet that you have a bad circulator pump and the water is just going from the hot to the cold and slowly moving on its own or there could be air within the heating loop. How many zone system is it and do any zones get hot?

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